Agrivi Farm Management Solutions (FMS)

One Stop Agriculture Management Software

RHE is committed to provide Agrivi technical support and training. Our services makes it easier for farmers to keep track of all the information pertaining their crops. Ranging from crop health, fleet condition and finance management.

Crop Management

See the breakdown of your farm and fields with real-time task control and monitoring. Analyze detailed dashboards (weather, fertilizer usage, etc.), to be informed on future decisions

Farm Finance Management​

Finances, as one of the most important features for our users, manages all farmer’s expenses, sales, loans, assets, and transactions. With only one click, they can see and analyze the financial health of their farm production.

IOT Integration

The platform can integrate IoT devices to provide analytical tools for monitoring and gathering insights. Such devices can be sensors, drones or robotics

Fleet Management​

Enables farmers to have real-time control over their machinery and fuel usage. Our software enables automated machinery data collection which eliminates the need for manual entry of machinery usage by tractor drivers or agronomists and improves the accuracy level.

Online Marketplace Consultancy Services

The online marketplace is an ecosystem in which various stakeholders such as farmers to help them buy more efficiently. Real time inventory and we know when they will produce, so we can easily expose future production to a marketplace and connect them with would-be buyers. 

Satellite Imagery Consultancy

Using Landsat and Sentinel 2 processed satellite imagery, our services can offer up to 1 processed image per week for all of the fields, with a spatial resolution of up to 10×10 meters for noticing differences in biomass changes, helping farmers easily identify crop growth anomalies