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RHE Solutions enable Agri-food businesses to comprehensively visualise, distinguish and investigate their day-to-day operations; identifying game changing operational insights

We are excited by the advancements in agricultural technologies and a greater focus on sustainable impacts, which inspires us to be a part of fundamentally shifting Agriculture

We want to empower data informed decisions and sustainable practices to Agri-food businesses, through connected solutions

The challenges Countries, communities and individuals face, will be improved through technological adoption:

Our Services

Through strategic partnerships, our aim is to provide best in class technology solutions for agriculture businesses. Enabling optimisation of resources though easy of use technologies, to generate data driven decisions. Impacting communities and the environment positively. 


Farm Management Solutions (FMS) in partnership with Agrivi


This includes a central platform for:

  • Crop Management
  • IOT Integration

  • Finance Management

  • Satellite Imagery Consultancy

  • Fleet Management

  • Online Marketplace Consultancy

Our Vision

Improving Lives of Communities 

Through a Digitalised Agricultural System


Our Mission

Our Values

Who We Are

Through a shared realisation of the challenging climate impact on agriculture and a greater awareness of sustainable crop production, RHE Solutions was founded in 2020 by Rozita and Hanno. Focusing on providing best in-class, game changing solutions to businesses within the agriculture value-chain.

Agriculture Value-Chain

We aspire to connect complementary technologies through value added partnerships, to enable advanced data analysis capabilities.
Contributing towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, allowing Agri-food businesses achieve a greater social and environmental impact:
These include: food security, growing practices, food wastage, improve/stabilise incomes, promote healthy eating

The Team

Hanno Tam (Co-Founder)
Rozita Mohd Nor (Co-Founder))

Hanno visualises how digital transformation can and will impact the agriculture industry, with benefits to all stakeholders and the environment. Hanno has witnessed and engaged in the energy industry’s digitalisation, contributing over 33 years of experience internationally. Hanno appreciates how digital solutions will provide security, quality and sustainability of food. 


Rozita aspires to utilise proven technology in  transforming the Agriculture industry towards increased food security,  environmental & business sustainability. With over 25 years of design & construction, engineering IT & ICT experience, Rozita has contributed towards the energy industry’s digitalisation and acknowledges how digital technology will advantageously transform agriculture.


Michael Tam (Technical Support)

Michael is currently working towards an undergraduate degree in International Business and Finance. Michael acknowledges agriculture’s significant involvement towards environmental sustainability.

Haiqal Sukri (Technical Support)

Haiqal has graduated from IUT NICE COYE D’AZUR in Networking and Telecommunications. He is open-minded to new prospects and gaining knowledge of the agriculture industry and digital solutions.

Sazalina Othman
Azlan Ghazali


Graduated from UPM studying Agriculture…. (PLACEHOLDER TEXT)

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